Terms and Conditions

For using this website, communicating with our staff, buying our sim cards or renting our devices.

The start of any good relationship begins with being open and honest. Our company and staff will go to extraordinary lengths to provide you with the most reliable and value driven services. By using this web site you automatically agree to adhere to the following terms and conditions. Should you not agree , we unfortunately won't be able to provide your communications needs.

SQUAREMOBILE™ has been duly incorporated as a Pty (Ltd) - Limited Liability Corporation) under applicable South African Law with the following credentials:
 Founder & current CEO, MJ van Driel
 Centre for Entrepreneurship, Rapid Incubator, Westlake, Cape Town
 +27 (0)74 966 1177

SQUAREMOBILE, its management, staff or related business partners cannot be held responsible for any damage, loss or liability of whatsoever nature arising from the use or inability to use any product sold on this web site that is beyond our physical control OR by its nature is a partner product used as part of our retail and rental services.

As we promised, should you not be 100% satisfied with your purchase, SQUAREMOBILE will return your payment (excluding additional consumable bundles and insurance excess if applicable). No questions asked

All SIM cards are issued in accordance with South African legal requirements and RICA registered at your request. Once registered and activated, we are unable to return payment for any additional airtime, SMS and/or data bundles as loaded on your request

Please check whether your handset or device is network locked (ask your current service provider); and confirm the correct SIM card size before making a purchase. If the requested Sim card size is incorrect, SQUAREMOBIE will process a Sim swap (which keeps the rental phone number and credits). The delivery cost for the replacement SIM card is for your account and will be confirmed at time of processing. The maximum liability is expressly limited to the purchase price of the product sold.

Please contact us using the details provided on the delivery note. Please ensure the product is packaged carefully with all accessories included. If the item you send back to us is incomplete or physically damaged, we might need to reduce the refund offered. Refunds are issued within 14 days of receiving your returned product (this is calculated from the date we receive the product(s) you are returning and not the date that you requested a refund).

Prices displayed on our site are subject to change without notice. Prices that are quoted using our quotation system are valid for a period of seven (7) days from the date issued. We cannot guarantee the availability, purchase, warranty or delivery of any product(s) until full and final payment is received. Should a product be out of stock during the quote validity period, you will be notified and issued an updated quote including a replacement item to the same value

Our services are pre-paid under normal retail and rental circumstances. Payment options include:
  • PayPal Global services
  • Direct Deposit / Electronic Funds Transfer to our banking account
  • Add to your Cape Town accommodation account
  • Card payment on delivery
Orders are confirmed once we receive your payment as per the agreed upon payment method. Once completed, your rental product will be shipped. SQUAREMOBILE reserves the right to cancel any products or service in order to prevent fraud & other criminal activity.

When you contact us, in any way, we may make a note of this interaction if it is relevant to your client record. This allows us to provide a higher level of ongoing customer care. When you contact us, we may ask for certain information to be able to fulfill our obligations under Southern African and European law. This also allows us to answer your questions quickly and accurately. We will keep your personal details, given to us by you or others during your relationship with us. These include:
  • details on application forms, telephonic conversations or in person
  • details provided in the retail / rental process
  • details from credit reference and fraud detection agencies.
You agree that we may use and update this centrally held information:
  • for credit and credit related services and to manage your accounts
  • to provide you with other services related to your current trip
  • to identify other products and services which might be suitable
  • to recover debts, prevent / detect fraud, money laundering and to check your identity
We may also use your information for research and statistical analysis with the aim of improving our services.

We take confidentiality seriously. At no time will we share, transfer, trade or sell any of your personal information or parts thereof. General statistics (that are not personally identifyable) might be used to benchmark our company, staff performance or improve our products and services.

In terms of preventing organised crime and under the direction of a legally authourised entity under specific conditions, SQUAREMOBILE™ is compelled to provide such entity with the requested information.

The images used to represent various products are selected to provide a visual representation of the item. These images are for illustrative purposes only and cannot be used as an actual indication of item's feature, size, colour or any other specification unless expressly noted. All logos are registered ® trademarks of their respective companies.