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Need more info? These are the most asked questions regarding tourists buying a sim card in Cape Town.

Questions and answers

regarding our sim cards and devices

Our sim cards are compatible with 99.9% devices that are network unlocked. Please enquire with your current network whether your device is "network unlocked". Your current network might charge a small fee to unlock it "Over the Air" (OTA). This is a once off cost, but ensures that wherever you travel, your device will be compatible with local sim cards.

Please confirm the correct size sim card you require

Our sim cards are compatible with Android® and iOS® devices. These are the three (3) types of sims currently used:

  • Standard: 0.6x1" - 15x25mm (iPhone® 3, 3GS, older Android® devices
  • Micro: 0.5x0.6" - 12x15mm (iPhone® 4 / 4S, iPad® 2 / 3; most current Android® devices)
  • Nano: 0.35x0.5" - 9x12mm (iPhone® 5 and later, iPad® Mini and later; latest Android® devices)

Not sure? Contact a friendly Team member for assistance using the Contact page.

Our sim cards use two(2) networks, Telkom® Mobile and MTN® which provides 99% coverage of South Africa. The sim has been optimised to automatically choose the network with the strongest signal.

In South Africa, there are different networks and billing for talk-time, which is more confusing. For your budget & convenience, our sim cards include bundles of different talk time. We provide separate minutes:
  • for international calls
  • for local calls to other networks (Cell C®, MTN®, Vodacom®, Virgin® Mobile etc)
  • for local calls to the Telkom® Mobile network
  • for local calls to Telkom® fixed lines
  • for calls to land lines (hotels, airport, tourist attractions etc)

Our fast internet data is used for surfing the web and by your installed apps such as Google® Maps, UBER® etc. We include separate data for your social apps (WhatsApp®, Facebook® etc).

Should the social data be consumed, your social apps will use your internet data. If your internet data is consumed, you can still continue using your social apps with the social data.

It depends on your device capability as our sim cards are compatible with:
  • 4G/LTE - ave 13.2Mbs (Max download 90Mbs, upload 25Mbs)
  • 3G/HSDPA - ave 3.6Mbs (Max download 21Mbs, upload 5.7Mbs
We offer 99% network coverage of South Africa.

If the second device will be used by a different person, we suggest getting a second sim card. Alternatively, create your own personal mobile hotspot and connect your secondary device. Should you require assistance, our technical support is available twenty four (24) a day. A "How to guide" is available on request via our contact page.

The free 10 GBs Wi-Fi is available at any of the 5500 Telkom® Hostpot. To connect using the SQUAREMOBILE™ sim card in your device:
  • Switch on device WiFi and scan
  • Click on the Telkom Connect WiFi network
  • Scroll down on login screen
  • Tap modify (or configure)
  • Click on the "Connection type" dropdown list
  • Scroll down & select "Sim"
  • Leave the Username & Password empty
  • Click save
  • Automatically connects to any Telkom® Hostpots

Our amazing sim cards

are backed up by a professional yet friendly service.

This is very possibly, but it depends. Sim pricing depends on the type used by your device. Activation of the sim depends on the strictness of the store or agent to comply with South African RICA law. Please take along your passport & confirmation of your local accommodation. This could or couldn't go smoothly. Your new mobile number will be confirmed after inserting it into your device. Next, you need to purchase talk-time and / or data, which can be a bit confusing, depending on the network you choose. For international calling, you may need to contact the local network's customer service to activate. Or You can purchase a SQUAREMOBILE sim that's activated, loaded with talk-time / data, ready to call internationally and your mobile number is confirmed before your departure to Cape Town.

With 12 years experience in the IT & Telecommunications industry, SQUAREMOBILE was founded by MJ van Driel in 2015. Based in Cape Town, the Limited Liability Company is registered with:
  • Companies and Intelectual Property - Commission
  • South African Revenue Service (SARS)
  • BEE Level 1 certified
  • City of Cape Town
  • Cape Town Tourism (2015 - 2017)
  • Tourism Entreprise Program (2015)
  • Productivity SA (2016)
  • Centre for Entrepreneurship, Rapid Inc 2018/9

Your mobile number is included in your quote and reserved for seven (7) days. Confirmation of your mobile number is resent seventy two (72) hours before your arrival in Cape Town.

There's no waiting time. Your sim card will be delivered to your accommodation seventy two (72) hours before your arrival. No long waiting at the airport. Late flight? No problem. Your SQUAREMOBILE™ sim card will be waiting at your accommodation. Simply insert the sim, switch on and you're connected.

As a Cape Town based company, we offer free shipping in the Cape Town area. Deliveries to other areas including Johannesburg are charged at a nominal fee. This fee will be included in the "no obligation" quote.