Rental rates

Weekly rental

We rent our packages on a weekly rate (includes 7 days of rental). Each package includes:
- rental phone and sim card
- ZAR50 talktime
- 50 Mb of data (handset dependent)
- free shipping to your Cape Town based accommodation.

Call Rates

Our prepaid rental packages offer the best call rates for local and international calls. The pre-loaded talktime may be used for local & international calls @ ZAR0.99 per minute or for data @ ZAR2.00 per meg. Additional talktime and data available on request. Incoming calls & text, checking your balance (dial *101#) or voicemail (dial 140) is completely free


Because things happen, we include insurance against damage, loss or theft. However, the client is liable for the insurance excess cost which is detailed in your quote.

Simple process

  • Choose your rental package

    Choose the package that fits your needs. The budget Nokia 105 is ideal if you need to just stay in touch. If you must be connected to the net and your social apps, we have the 3.5" or 5" android handsets running Android® KIT KAT®. NB. Our packages include 7 days rental. Should your stay be longer, we will adjust your quote.

  • Get a quote

    Please contact us (via the form or contact details below) and request your rental package. A friendly team member will forward a customised quote including:
    - Rental period break down
    - Your rental number (share with family & friends)
    - Free shipping address
    - Payment details

  • Confirm or correct details

    Please review the rental quote and adjust or correct should your details have changed. We take tremendous care to ensure your rental phone is ready to explore Cape Town with you. Any adjustments may be forwarded via email.

  • Payment

    We make payment for your rental package as convenient as possible. We accept payments via:
    - Direct deposit to our bank account
    - PayPal global services
    - Arrangements can also be made with your Cape Town accomodation provider
    - Our mobile payment device

Money Back Guarantee*

Our commitment

We understand, travel can be stressful; dealing with flights, budgets and frantic last-minute packing. Squaremobile™ offers a budget mobile package, that does what it says on the box: reliable, cost-effective rental. Our 100% refund gives you peace of mind, and more smiles all round. Along with our straight-up, no fuss commitment to quality and service, you have our guarantee that should you not be 100% satisfied at anytime, we will refund your entire purchase.

* No fine print. 100% Refund if you are not 100% satisfied


Mobile phones are not just our business, it's our passion. But what can be done with old or broken phones? Join us and our local partners as our "Rewards4eWaste" programme makes a difference in our community...

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Direct contact

  • Cape Town, South Africa

    152 Vygekraal Street

    Athlone, Cape Town, RSA

  • Phone: +27 (0)74 966 1177

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